Tree Removal


While most people prefer not to remove trees, often times it is a necessity. There are many different reasons to do a tree removal. Some of these include:

tree removal

Alpen Tree Experts climber removing a large tree in sections.

  • Tree is dead
  • Tree has insect damage
  • Tree is diseased
  • Need more sunlight or space for building or landscaping
  • Improve your view
  • Tree may be a fire risk to your house (defensible space)
  • Tree may be a hazard tree that poses a threat to people or property
  • Tree may be competing for water, sunlight and nutrients with a larger or more preferable species of tree.

Tree removal is one of the more dangerous services performed by arborists. Tree removals pose a risk to the person doing the removal as well as other people or workers in the area and to personal property. Alpen Tree Experts will carefully assess each tree being removed and make a plan as to the safest and most efficient way to get the job done. This may include climbing a tree to take it down in pieces or to lower it with ropes to minimize the impact to anything below the tree, or it may include using a crane when there is no safe drop zone below the tree. We have years of experience and training with difficult and hazardous tree removals and will put that knowledge to work with every tree removal we do. Included in the price of our tree removal bids will be cleaning up the wood, limbs and debris. Please specify if you would only like the the tree felled and prefer to do the cleanup yourself, or if you would like to keep the wood. We also have a wood splitter and can split and stack, or pile the wood for you, as well as a stump grinder if you prefer to have your stumps ground.   Our stump grinder can fit most any place, even in Tahoe’s rough terrain.

Crane Removal

Removing a 140' white fir (Abies concolor) with assistance from a 75 ton crane.

Give Alpen Tree Experts a call at 530-448-1194 or send us an email at for a free tree removal estimate.
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