Apr 232012

It’s looking like an early spring here in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. Most tree and landscape companies are taking advantage of the nice weather and getting a head start on spring cleanups. A typical spring cleanup involves removing tree stakes and tree tape, turning the irrigation back on, and raking the leaves and pine needles that have fallen throughout the winter.
After a few spring cleanups, you may notice that your mulched areas are starting to show some age. This is due to the area being raked several times, as well as decomposition of the mulch itself. Spring is a great time to apply new mulch and get your landscape looking like new again.
Aside from aesthetic appeal, mulching has several benefits. Mulch helps prevent weeds from growing, allows for better moisture retention in the soil, maintains the soil’s biological balance, improves soil aeration, minimizes erosion, and keeps the soil cooler in the summer time and warmer in the winter. Adding a mulch bed around trees where you have a lawn will also help reduce the damage to trees caused by lawn mowers and weed whackers. This is especially helpful with thin bark trees such as aspens. Just be sure not to pile the mulch up against the base of the tree as this can cause collar rot.
Apply a new 2″ layer of mulch to your beds every couple of years and not only will it keep your landscape looking new, but your plants will be be much happier and you will have to irrigate them less, saving you water and money.

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